Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration

The University of Colorado Denver’s Bachelor Arts in Public Administration is an applied, generalist degree designed for those who are passionate about making a difference in their community; preparing them to take active roles in organizations that promote the common good, such as local, state, and federal government agencies and nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations.

Transfer up to 30 credits of CTE

Your professional experience can count toward your degree:

Law Enforcement (LEA) | Fire Sciences (FST) | Emergency Medicine (EMS)

Total major credits


Mode of Instruction for Major

Online with some in-person options

Time to Degree

Full time: 4 years

What will you learn?

Students will develop a strong foundation in people-leadership and management, communication, advocacy as it relates to policy, critical thinking, decision making, and analysis, positioning them well for careers across the public and nonprofit sectors.

What can you do with a BAPA?

Graduates will be well equipped to enter or transition seamlessly into careers across the public and nonprofit sectors. Career opportunities include but are not limited to Budget Analyst, City Planner Assistant, PR Coordinator for a local government or nonprofit organization, and Grant Administrator.

BAPA Curriculum

Learn about the courses you need to complete to earn the Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration.

Academic Catalog Listings

Find additional information about academic policies, graduation requirements, and more.

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