Doctor of Philosophy in Public Affairs

The PhD program emphasizes scholarship in public administration, public policy, public management, and criminal justice/criminology in preparation for positions in academia and consulting firms, public management and administration, public policy analysis, politics and advocacy, and nonprofits.

Total Credits


Full Time or Part Time

Time to Degree

Full Time: 4 Years

Part Time: 6 Years

Faculty Mentorship

Students are more likely to be successful in the PhD program when their research interests overlap with members of the faculty. Potential students applying to the program are urged to make an effort to learn about the faculty members at the School of Public Affairs, their academic research interests, their resumes, and their various specializations. Potential students can find out about faculty by taking courses, talking directly with faculty members, and talking with current PhD students. When applying to the PhD program, student candidates should explicitly identify one to three faculty advisors in their statement.

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Financial Assistance

The School of Public Affairs will fund a small number of doctoral research assistantships each year based on financial availability and qualifications of the applicant. If you are a potential or incoming PhD student interested in one of these positions as a part of your admission, please contact

PhD Curriculum

Learn about the courses you need to complete to earn the Doctor of Philosophy in Public Affairs.

Academic Catalog Listing & Program Handbook

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