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Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

The University of Colorado Denver’s Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice offers students exciting courses that challenge them to think about many different things related to crime and justice such as, how we define crime, the factors that cause crime—things like trauma and characteristics of the places people live, and how crime impacts the individuals who are victimized and the communities they live in.

Total major credits


Program Modality

In-person, online, or a mix of both

Time to Degree

Full time: 4 years

What will you learn?

With the ability to tailor your experience and skill sets to specific areas of interest through concentrations and elective courses, all students will develop the foundational skills needed to think critically, communicate, and help others in the context of the criminal justice system. 

What can you do with a BACJ?

Graduates of the program are well equipped for various careers within the criminal justice system, including law enforcement, court personnel, victim advocacy, probation officers, corrections officers, crime analysts, positions in any level of government, and more.

Sample Careers

Browse these career briefs to learn about duties and responsibilities, career paths, salaries, and more.

BACJ Curriculum

Learn about the courses you need to complete to earn the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice.

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