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Areas of Impact

When it comes to doing public affairs research, it helps to be located at one of the country’s top research universities — within a progressive swing state and a diverse metro area. At the CU Denver School of Public Affairs, our faculty conduct research​ on crucial issues that affect the whole nation, such as criminal justice, education reform, fracking, legalized marijuana, urban sustainability and water policy.

Learn more about the impact of the School of Public Affairs community on the areas below, and view our faculty bios for more information on their specific areas of research.

Research Centers

The School of Public Affairs Institute serves as an intersection between the knowledge and experience of the school and our community partners. It supports our faculty and students in reaching outside the classroom to make real impacts on communities and helps infuse community expertise into the academic setting. The Institute is the hub for the research centers, leadership development programs and community events.

Featured Research: Colorado Nonprofit Research Panel

The Colorado Nonprofit Research Panel (CONOREP) is an online opt-in research panel of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in Colorado. The panel is composed of nonprofit executive leaders in the state. 

CONOREP aims to amplify the perspectives and insights of nonprofit organizations operating in Colorado, to advance our shared understanding of the nonprofit sector, and to generate and disseminate knowledge that could benefit organizational decision-making and policy-making regarding the sector.

Visit the CONOREP website.



Quick Facts About CONOREP

  • Nonprofit executive leaders may join the panel on behalf of their organization by responding to an email invitation to participate or by signing up here.
  • Panelists will receive 1-2 email surveys annually.
  • CONOREP’s research practices ensure confidentiality, protecting the privacy and personal information provided by participating organizations.
  • Panelists will have advance access to all of survey results, including professional reports and scholarly publications.
  • CONOREP is operated by research team at the School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado Denver. For questions/comments about the Panel, please contact the research team at

Research Team

  • Principal Investigator: Dr. Shuyang Peng, Assistant Professor
  • Tierney Bamrick, PhD in Public Affairs Student
  • Michael Bell, PhD in Public Affairs Student

Visiting Scholars

The School of Public Affairs hosts visiting scholars for a periods ranging from six months to two years.

Learn about becoming a visiting scholar

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