Wirth Chair in Sustainable Development

Since 1993, the Wirth Chair in Sustainable Development has honored the environmental and sustainable development achievements of Timothy E. Wirth, former senator and undersecretary of state. Wirth’s work in Congress, in the state department and as vice chair of the United Nations Foundation has truly made a difference. His efforts have helped improve the quality of life for people in Colorado, across the country and around the world.

We select a number of projects designed to further sustainable development and bridge gaps between sectors. Our major initiatives include establishing sustainability principles in K-12 education; informing the legal and policy framework associated with shale gas recovery in Colorado; and conducting research into methods for managing the transformation of energy and transportation sectors.

Additional activities

Extended learning trips

These trips provide an opportunity for educators, students and community leaders to get an in-depth look at energy and sustainability issues internationally. Each trip targets a particular location where there are lessons to be learned about issues and solutions related to energy and sustainability. Trips are open to the public but capped at small numbers of participants to allow for greater engagement and learning.

Sustainability Series

‚ÄčThe Sustainability Series (S2) is a quarterly networking and speaker series open to the public. For eight years, the S2 has provided a forum to share ideas, principles, and strategies to enhance social, economic, and environmental sustainability. The S2 is a collaboration between the Wirth Chair in Sustainable Development and the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado.

Sustainability Awards Luncheon

The Wirth Chair Sustainability Awards Luncheon honors those making an impact on environmental, economic and social sustainability issues. Each year’s luncheon recognizes individuals and organizations around a particular theme.

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