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School of Public Affairs Courses

The School of Public Affairs requires the completion of specified core courses for each of its programs. In addition to the core courses, students choose from a list of approved elective courses to fulfill the requirements of their programs.

It is very important for students to meet regularly with their academic advisors to ensure that the courses students plan to take will meet the core and elective requirements for their program.

Descriptions of all courses at the 4000-level or lower can be found in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog, and descriptions of all course at the 5000-level and higher can be found in the Graduate Academic Catalog. For information about previous students’ assessment of the faculty who teach the courses, visit the Faculty Course Questionnaire website.

Search the Class Schedule for information on when, where and in which format courses are being offered, and to learn which faculty and lecturers are teaching them.

View the Academic Calendar for registration dates and important enrollment deadlines. Be sure to select the correct term's calendar.


You can request to see a syllabus from a previous semester by emailing

Course Registration

In advance of new students’ first semester in programs at the School of Public Affairs, undergraduate students are required to meet with their academic advisor before they can register for classes. This is not required of graduate students, but it is strongly advised. 

For each subsequent semester, students receive a notification in the UCD Access Student Portal about when they can register for classes for the next term. Students can also view the Academic Calendar for registration dates and important enrollment deadlines.

Students register for classes by logging in to the UCD Access Student Portal. From the portal home page, navigate to “All Student Functions” under the “Student Center,” at the top left corner of the screen. From there, navigate to the “Register for Classes (add/drop)” icon and begin searching for and adding classes.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to help you to register for classes.

Be sure to register early to secure your seat in the classes you wish to take. Registering early helps to ensure that courses do not become cancelled due to low enrollment.

Current & Upcoming Courses

Below are lists of School of Public Affairs course offering by term. To view additional information, such as when, where and in which format courses are being offered, and to learn which faculty and lecturers are teaching them, please search for individual courses using the CU System Course Schedule.

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