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Public policy is the language used to formalize a society’s priorities and commitments to its members. The School of Public Affairs faculty conduct research in a wide range of substantive policy areas, such as education, health, and urban policy, as well as the social impacts of policies on marginalized populations and the nature of the policy process itself in a democratic society.

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  • Social-Equity-Textbook-850w

    Changing the course of the river: A conversation with Prof. Mary Guy on new social equity textbook

    Sep 3, 2020 by Toula Wellbrook
    This year has been like no other in recent history, and issues of social inequity are front and center in the hearts, minds and consciences of many Americans, amidst a pandemic and protests against police violence toward people of color. The timing of the new textbook, “Achieving Social Equity: From Problems to Solutions,” co-written and edited by Mary Guy, professor of Public Affairs at the CU Denver School of Public Affairs, and alumnus Sean McCandless, assistant professor at the University of Illinois – Springfield, could not be better.
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  • Ruth-Glenn-850w
  • South-Korea-Covid-850w

    You publishes article on COVID-19, shares lessons learned in South Korea

    Aug 10, 2020 by Toula Wellbrook
    Jongeun You, who is pursuing a doctoral degree in public affairs at the CU Denver School of Public Affairs, recently had his article “Lessons from South Korea’s Covid-19 Policy Response”published in The American Review of Public Administration. Jongeun reviewed South Korea’s public health policy approaches, by using documents and materials written in Korean and English, to learn how the country managed the coronavirus from January through April 2020. In the article, he proposes some lessons about country-level responses in South Korea that can potentially be applied in other contexts. We interviewed Jongeun to learn more about his research in this area.
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  • Community-Police-Relations-850w

    School of Public Affairs webinar addresses policing, community relations

    Jul 10, 2020 by Emma Martz
    No issue has more national attention right now than police and community relationships and related racial inequities, after the brutal killings of George Floyd and others by police officers. Massive protests and calls for police reform continue across the nation, even as we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The CU Denver School of Public Affairs hosted a webinar on June 30, delving into the topic of improving police and community relations.
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  • Colorado-Nature-850w

    Remembering the Value of Nature while Consumed by Crisis

    Jun 23, 2020 by Dr. Deserai Crow
    Dr. Deserai Crow shares her thoughts on the positive effects of nature on physical and mental health during a pandemic, as well as inequities in access to nature.
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  • Peter deLeon

    Remembering Peter deLeon

    Jun 5, 2020 by Toula Wellbrook
    CU Distinguished Professor and School of Public Affairs Emeritus Professor Peter deLeon passed away on May 19. Prof. deLeon was a giant in the field of policy studies and policy sciences. He was the professor, turned mentor, turned friend, turned family to so many at the CU Denver School of Public Affairs. His legacy lives on through the many accomplishments of his career, the achievements of his students, and the gifts he leaves to generations to come at the university.
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