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Public policy is the language used to formalize a society’s priorities and commitments to its members. The School of Public Affairs faculty conduct research in a wide range of substantive policy areas, such as education, health, and urban policy, as well as the social impacts of policies on marginalized populations and the nature of the policy process itself in a democratic society.

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  • Wendy-OpEd-Uganda-850w

    Missing the Mark: The Urgent Need for Cultural Intelligence in United States Public Administration

    Nov 8, 2020 by Dr. Wendy Bolyard
    Failure to recognize and appreciate that Americans are not all of the same culture undermines public service values and service delivery, something that the COVID-19 pandemic highlights. While federal agencies and contractors were recently banned by a presidential executive order from offering “divisive” and “un-American” anti-racism training, it is difficult not to see the value of learning to understand and adapt to cultural contexts. Cultural intelligence, or CQ, manifests respect and dignity for all while fostering fairness and equity. Thus, public administrators must seek opportunities for themselves and their teams to develop capabilities to function and manage in culturally diverse settings. Recognizing United States public administrators and the constituents they serve indeed reflect cultural diversity, and should, is paramount.
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  • US-Democracy-850w

    Countering the creeping crisis of democracy and political inequality

    Oct 14, 2020 by Professor Christopher Weible
    Professor Chris Weible and PhD student Jill Yordy discuss a faltering U.S. democracy in the face of a calamitous combination of crises in the pandemic, economy, climate change, and social inequities. They offer four guiding principles for bringing political equality into societal discourse, developing tools and techniques for its assessments, and fostering better theories of our understandings and practices for its emergence, realization, and maintenance.
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