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Kerri Quinn



Kerri Quinn, M.S. is the founder of Colorado Restorative Justice, Inc., the pioneer of the Restorative Justice Dialogue model, established in 2005. Kerri has facilitated over 1200 restorative mediations and practices. She was a mediator for El Paso County and Colorado Springs courts and was the contracted victim offender dialogue specialist for the Colorado Department of Corrections. She co-created the Colorado Victim Offender Dialogue program between offenders of severe and violent crime and survivors and surviving family members. Her focus is on the language of conflict. Her Restorative Dialogue program is used throughout the youth prison system in Colorado. Her conflict communication models are used in schools throughout the country and in prisons in Colorado. As the host of “Restoration Exploration,” a podcast played in prisons, she is constantly sharing the message of accountability, harm repair and effective reintegration after crime. She is on the editorial board for Conflict Resolution Quarterly and was appointed to the National Institute of Corrections task force to assess post-conviction services for victims of crime. She is an internationally known speaker on the topics of restorative justice and conflict communication. Kerri is also an adjunct professor at Creighton University Law School – Werner Center and University of Colorado – Colorado Springs. She teaches Mediation, Facilitation, Restorative Justice, Organizational Collaborative Practices, and Leadership.

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