Megan Parker

  • School of Public Affairs

Meagan Jean Parker earned a Master of Criminal Justice from the University of Colorado Denver in 2021 and was the recipient of the program’s outstanding graduating student award. She also earned her BA in Criminal Justice from the University of Colorado Denver, with minors in legal studies and sociology. She currently serves as an Editorial Manager for the Journal Crime, Law, and Social Change, where she structures book reviews and assists with revising prospective articles. She has gained valuable court experience at the 1st Judicial Recovery Court, where she completed court administration work. She was also a research intern for the Urban Institute that evaluated the prospects of the Social Impact Bond (SIB) housing initiative that occurred in Denver, Colorado. She published several book reviews with an emphasis on white-collar crime and qualitative research in the journal Crime, Law, and Social Change. He primary area of interest is the prosecution of white-collar offenders with a particular interest in deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs) in corporate misconduct cases.

School of Public Affairs

CU Denver

Lawrence Street Center

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