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Tonya Lovelace is a global intersectional leader with 35-years of experience as a community organizer and movement maker, working to end violence against all genders and communities. Tonya spent 25-years of those years working in the nonprofit organization management industry and assisting local, state, national, Tribal, corporate, and government agencies and entities in reaching those on the margins of the margins.She is the President & CEO of Lovelace Consulting Services, Inc., an independent consulting firm that provides high-level consulting, needs assessment, facilitation, coaching, technical assistance, and training to individuals, organizations, and systems seeking social, political, and professional transformation. Put simply, Tonya helps create inclusive policies and environments, providing vital support to those frequently overlooked.

Tonya holds a Bachelor of Philosophy from Miami University of Ohio, a Master of Arts in Women Studies, and a Master of Arts in Black Studies, both from The Ohio State University. Tonya is also currently a Lecturer at the University of Colorado’s under the Program on Gender Violence/Center on Domestic Violence and has taught Women's Studies and Black Studies courses as an Adjunct Faculty at both of her alma maters as well as Central State University and Wright State University. Tonya has planned and implemented several national conferences and trainings and has also provided hundreds of keynotes, workshops, organizational trainings and lead thousands of individuals to next-level transformation through the use of several models she has developed over the years.

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