Kathleen Bailey

Kathleen Bailey






I am a PhD candidate, research assistant, and lecturer in CU Denver’s School of Public Affairs (SPA). My research agenda examines the intersection of environmental conflict and cooperation. Specifically, I have an interest in how institutions and policy actors can influence outcomes. My dissertation investigates policy conflict surrounding unconventional oil and gas development in Colorado, the institutions local governments use to regulate the practice, and the effectiveness of these institutions.  

In addition to my work with SPA, I am also a Faculty Associate-Research for the Defense Resources Management Institute at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), a position I have held for over 17 years. My NPS research has emphasized irregular warfare, corruption, and national security, among other topics. As part of my work with NPS, I have published in The DISAM Journal of International Security Assistance Management and in Security and Defense Studies Review

Beyond my academic work, I am also a practitioner. Elected in November 2017, I am currently serving a four-year term as a Councilwoman for the Town of Mountain View, Colorado. As part of my Council duties, I serve on committees; I previously served on the public safety and economic development committees, and I am currently serving on the community development and outreach and sustainability committees. I am seeking re-election in November 2021. 



School of Public Affairs

CU Denver

Lawrence Street Center

1380 Lawrence Street


Denver, CO 80204


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