A Museum

Date: 8/22/2016
Student Researchers: Rebekka Thy Faculty Advisor: Tyler Michieli

This design for a museum in downtown Denver responds to the surrounding context of the site at 1400 Wynkoop, as well as to the needs and philosophies of the artist Olafur Eliasson. The design reflects the tension inherent in the context, as the urban grid pushes up against the naturalness of Cherry Creek and vice versa (by bringing in organic forms juxtaposed against square blocks). The museum’s continuous, figure-eight circulation gently draws visitors in and carries them through compressed “dark” galleries on the ground floor to “light” galleries on the second, where they experience Eliasson’s range of work, from visual to installation art.

A museum program analysis
A museum section view
A museum site plan
A museum interior rendering
A museum site rendering
A museum interior section drawing