Network Leadership Training Academy

The Network Leadership Training Academy (NLTA) is an annual interactive workshop for professionals engaged in the network way of working to build skills and learn from peers. It has historically been offered as three days of skills-building and peer-learning to master the art of Network Leadership; however, with the spread of COVID-19, we have had to change plans for the upcoming 8th Annual Network Leadership Training Academy. This year, the entire event will be online, in a series of two-hour virtual workshops hosted monthly from July - December 2020. You will have the opportunity to meet some of world’s leading experts in network leadership and hear from practitioners who are on the ground leading networks. You will join a cohort of peers who are looking for skills and tips to build, manage, and evaluate effective cross-sector interorganizational networks.

At the NLTA you will be exposed to rich content. You will also have opportunities to network, share ideas and learn from peers in facilitated workshop-style sessions.
This event is right for you if:
  • You a member of a group of organizations focused on a shared goal, looking for tools and skills to support your work in an equitable, diverse and human-centered way.
  • You have questions about the best way to govern, manage and engage a group of diverse partners, and effectively engage in the “network way of working,” while focusing on a heart-centered approach.
  • You want to learn about the latest tools for network mapping and analysis to tell the story of your network and demonstrate your impact.
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