Save the Date: COPPR 2024

| All Day

May 15 - 17, 2024 in Syracuse, New York
New COPPR website coming soon.

COPPR Mission and Impacts
The Consortium on Policy Process Research (previously known as the Conference on Policy Process Research) mission is to advance the scholarship of policy process theory and methods. It embraces a broad interpretation of theories and methods, supporting a plurality of theoretical perspectives. It welcomes both emergent and established theories and methods and questions of what it means to conduct science and engage with our communities. COPPR seeks to support both established and emerging research communities and build bridges among them. COPPR includes critical assessments of the lessons learned from the past, challenges to contemporary boundaries, proposals for innovative research agendas, and arguments of what our future should be.

COPPR targets seven components of policy process research:

  1. Advancing research within policy process theories and methods;
  2. Developing connections between different theories and methods;
  3. Establishing a critical, constructive, creative, and congenial culture; 
  4. Enlarging the network among policy process researchers, particularly among under-represented and minority communities;
  5. Mentoring students and early career researchers;
  6. Learning from our history and supporting innovative and emergent ideas for our future;
  7. Engaging the challenges facing society and developing scholarship that advances human dignity.
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