Food System Network Leadership: Lessons From the Pandemic

| 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

How Has COVID-19 Changed Food Systems and Network Leadership?


The past year has created pressing new demands on social service providers, including food banks, nonprofits and other food-related organizations. While the food systems sector was already a hub for collaborative innovation, COVID-19 further accelerated the importance of network leadership skills and strategy for those working on issues like nutrition, food security, environmental justice and more.

This July, Visible Network Labs will bring together a diverse group of Network Builders, Thinkers, and Leaders focused on food systems. They’ll join us for an hour of discussion on what has changed over the past 12 months, what trends they see in the world of networks, and how we can improve our collaborative impact in this new post-COVID age. Learn more about our panelists below!

Our speakers include:

  • Moderator Dr. Robyn Mobbs, Co-Director of the CU Denver Center on Network Science
  • Marissa Silverberg, Food Systems & Policy Administrator, Jefferson County Public Health
  • Wendy Peters Moschetti, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Nourish Colorado
  • Erin Snyder Ulric, Implementation Director, Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger
  • Minerva Delgado, Director of Coalitions & Advocacy, Alliance to End Hunger
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