Social Equity Series: The Social Equity Imperative

| 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
 Learn about the imperative of social equity in our society during this webinar from esteemed School of Public Affairs faculty member Dr. Mary Guy. Pertinent topics to be discussed include how social equity is defined, social equity as a professional expectation, the philosophical and constitutional underpinnings of social equity, and what the right language and levers are to discuss and ameliorate social inequity. Please come prepared to listen, learn, and ask questions.

The Social Equity Imperative is the first of a multi-event series focused on social equity and social justice, and specifically drawing from the bookAchieving Social Equity, edited by Dr. Mary Guy and Dr. Sean McCandless. Themes throughout the series will include gender, racial, and LBTQ equity and the intersection of identities thereof, and achieving social equity in policy domains and administrative structures, including homelessness, child welfare, policing, and immigration.

Please join the Accelerated Master of Public Administration cohort to discuss these issues and more this year.

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