September Criminal Justice Series: The dynamic role of a First Responder

| 05:30 PM - 07:00 PM
Cost/fee: Free
The dynamic role of a First Responder

First responders are at the forefront of numerous incidents, including disasters of all kinds. They protect people, animals, and property, while managing challenging and intense situations as they unfold. First responders are in high-risk situations and subjected to multiple forms of trauma. The very nature of first responders’ jobs takes a toll on them—perhaps even more now than in the past given the COVID-19 pandemic, existing racial tensions, and wildfires in the western United States, including several in Colorado.

Our September Criminal Justice Series event focuses on the challenges that first responders face and ways to mitigate the stresses of the job. It also looks at the current environment in the first responders’ world and ways to move forward while managing present difficulties.


Rhonda Kelly
Retired Aurora CO firefighter
National Director of Health, Wellness and Resilience
Founder of Responder Strong

Chris Fields
Retired Major of the Oklahoma City Fire Department

Patrick Fitzgibbons
Retired Police Commander from Colorado
Lecturer at CU Denver School of Public Affairs

Hailey Davis

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