Network Leadership Training Academy

| 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Cost/fee: Nonprofit & Public Sector: $549; Private Sector & Foundations: $649; group discounts available

The annual Network Leadership Training Academy (NLTA) is a 2-day interactive workshop for network leaders, funders, evaluators, and members to engage in skill building and shared learning that reflects the adaptive, complex, and ever-changing needs of building, managing, and evaluating effective networks of diverse stakeholders.

Drawing on the latest in network theory, research, and practice on network leadership, the objective of this training is to enhance the skills of network leaders/members so they can be highly effective both in managing their individual organization in a network context and in managing and leading networks themselves. The NLTA training is packed full of opportunities for attendees to share their own experiences and skills in small and large group activities and interact with leading thinkers in networks leadership during sessions.

The large-group sessions will be led by experts in the area of collaborative leadership, partnership development, network effectiveness, and evaluation of interorganizational collaboration. Specific breakout sessions are led by experienced practitioners as an opportunity for small group conversations, interactive activities, and skill building with others with similar interests and challenges. Together, the NLTA trainers compose a team of experts that are well-versed in network leadership topics, have years of experience translating research to inform evidence-based practice, and are committed to improving the way people can utilize networks to reach their outcomes. Attendees will leave with a translation to action plan, a community of fellow network leaders, and a wealth of skills and tools to take back to your network!
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