The Oglala Passive House / The Bio Truss

Principal Researchers: Ben Jaworski Faculty Advisor: Julee Herdt

Passive strategies such as stone floors that act as heat sinks, earth tubes for natural air conditioning, and a solar chimney to exhaust the hot summer air are the main drivers for heating and cooling. Water is harvested from the roof and drains directly into a garden that can provide homegrown food.

The Bio-Truss SIP can be used as a floor, wall, or roof panel. Standard panel dimensions are 4’x8’. Warren trusses with verticals made of Bio-board provide the main supporting structure. The insulation is sheep wool and has an R-value of 3.5 per inch. 4’x8’ Bio-board sheets sandwich both faces of the panel.

Materials for passive house

Front facade of passive house

Back facade passive house

Ben Jaworski presents final project for passive house design