Making Winter Park sustainable

Date: 1/14/2019

Making Winter Park Sustainable
Student Researcher:
Andrew Williams

CU Denver second-year MURP student Andrew Williams is partnering with the town of Winter Park to complete a sustainability assessment. The assessment, part of Williams' Capstone Project, will identify what measures the town is already taking and where the town could implement sustainable policies and practices. The assessment will identify major sustainability issues affecting the community, outline what the community is currently doing, identify gaps, and include goals, strategies, and ideas for how the town can improve further.

Williams, originally from Central Florida, has quickly made a name for himself in the MURP program and around Colorado, working with several Colorado communities such as Dillon and Boulder to create development plans. Williams recognizes that sustainability is an important part of successful community planning and hopes that his work with the town of Winter Park will help the community and its residents.

To learn more about Williams' work with Winter Park, read the full article, Making Winter Park more sustainable: Town partners with CU Denver student for sustainability plan, on Sky-Hi News.