CEAS test research project

Date: 4/1/2019 - 7/31/2019
Principal Researchers: Principal researchers are Erica Lefeave and Lauren Cain Others Involved: Researcher McResearch, Harold D'research Student Researcher:Jane Student Advisory Board: Adam Advisory, Boris Board Faculty Advisor: Jim Mentor Location: Denver, CO Funding: Big Money Fund

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Oak Creek Recreation Master Plan (Phase 1)

Date: 3/1/2011
Principal Researchers:
  • Project Team: Chad Reischl, CCCD student
  • Local Participants:Oak Creek Town Council, Recreation Focus Group
Location: Oak Creek, CO

The Town of Oak Creek has exceptional access to recreational opportunities and has a commitment through its Capital Improvement Program to prioritize park and trail improvements. CCCD students worked closely with the Oak Creek Town Council and Recreation Focus Group to develop a recreation master plan that improves access to recreation within the town and encourages healthy living.

Cedar Gardens / Cedar Avenue Master Plan

Date: 6/1/2013
Principal Researchers:
  • Project Team: Sarah Doyle, Atalya Kozak, Anthony Pozzuoli
  • Local Participants:Ryan McCaw, Joyce Harwick, Kevin McGlaughlin, and Krissy Williams from MWHS

Metro West Housing Solutions (MWHS) is a non-profit affordable housing developer and manager, with properties located in Lakewood and Denver. All of the properties owned by MWHS are located in first-tier suburbs that typically lack healthy living-oriented urban design, infrastructure facilities, and local healthy living programs. In 2013, MWHS started the Health First! Initiative, a multi-faceted, capital investment program, designed to encourage healthy living amongst residents. The mental and physical health impacts of these capital investments and programming will be tracked for at least five consecutive years to capture the results of their investment in existing properties.

CCCD students created a master plan for MWHS’s Cedar Gardens and Cedar Avenue properties that engaged residents in the design process. Community residents were invited to provide their input into preliminary designs during a National Night Out celebration held on the properties. CCCD students presented the existing conditions plan, photo surveys and three schematic design ideas for feedback from residents. Based upon residents’ preferences, a final plan was created for both properties.

Yuma District Hospital

Date: 11/1/2012
Principal Researchers:
  • Project Team: Vickie Berkley, CCCD staff, Pat Healy, Sarah Doyle, Anthony Pozzuoli, CCCD students
  • Local Participants:John Gardner, CEO, Yuma District Hospital, Polly Vincent, Yuma Hospital Foundation
Location: Yuma, Yuma County, Colorado

Upon the request of the CEO of Yuma District Hospital, John Gardner and Polly Vincent, president of the Hospital’s foundation, CCCD worked with the community this fall to develop a preliminary plan for a multigenerational park master plan. The park site, which is on hospital property, would provide opportunities for increased physical activity for seniors as well as for young children. The multigenerational park master plan for the Yuma District Hospital was part of their application to the Colorado Health Foundation (CHF) grant program. The vision for the park is that both children and seniors will benefit not only from the walking trail and equipment, but also from the social interaction with each other. Students in the landscape architecture program researched existing conditions, demographics and met with key stakeholders to develop a design document that was submitted as part of Yuma District Hospital’s proposal to CHF. Upon evaluation of their experience working with CCCD, comments included, "We are super, super pleased with the work that the students provided for us. It’s really exciting to see our ideas so thoughtfully and beautifully expressed on paper."

Wiley Schoolyard Master Plan

Date: 3/1/2013
Principal Researchers:
  • Project Team: Patrick Healy, Anthony Pozzuoli, Sarah Doyle, Atalya Kozak
  • Local Participants:Michelle Wallace, Principal; Dave Easton, District Superintendent
Location: Wiley, in Prowers County, Colorado

Wiley School provides public education for Wiley School District RE-13-Jt from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The original schoolhouse, known as the Rock School House, sits behind the current Wiley School building. The Rock School House was built in 1938 as a WPA project and is currently rented out for community activities and private events. School administration was interested in making improvements to the schoolyard that would increase its use both during and after school hours.

CCCD students had a particular challenge in their preliminary design work as the pervasive use of pea gravel on the playground made it difficult for ADA accessibility, snow removal and providing a safe surface for active play. The local task force gathered input from Wiley School students through photo surveys and site drawings as to what students wanted in the schoolyard master plan. The collaborative effort resulted in a plan that reflects the unique history, culture and curriculum of Wiley School.


Northside Elementary Schoolyard Design

Date: 3/1/2013
Principal Researchers:
  • Project Team: Patrick Healy, Sarah Doyle
  • Local Participants:Janet Freed, Grant Coordinator, Mindy Baumgardner, Special Projects Coordinator, Cara Godbe, Principal
Location: Montrose, Montrose County, CO

Northside Elementary School has 376 students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Their mascot is the Navigators, which proved to be a great source of design ideas when students were asked what they wanted in a schoolyard master plan. The schoolyard is also used as a community park for the neighborhood and the fields are used for afterschool programs and for practice by local youth soccer, baseball and softball teams. The school district, in partnership with the City of Montrose, realized that they were strong candidates for GOCO’s School Play Yard Initiative.

CCCD students captured input from students, teachers, school staff, parents and community members as a starting point for a preliminary schoolyard master plan. Overall top picks included climbing structure, a pirate ship play structure, accessible surface (replace pea gravel), shade area, swing areas, and sports areas. Northside Elementary did receive a $100,000 grant from GOCO and implementation is scheduled for Summer 2014.

South Routt School District Fitness Center Design

Date: 3/1/2012
Principal Researchers:
  • Project Team: Sarah Bergstrom
  • Local Participants: Dennis Alt, SOROCO High School Principal, administrators, teachers, students and community members
Location: Oak Creek, Routt County, CO

The South Route School District knew its fitness facility at the high school was out of date and in need of improvements. They also saw an opportunity to expand the usage and create a fitness center that could be used by community residents. Oak Creek and the surrounding towns did not have a community center nor access to a public gym. This is problematic to maintaining a healthy community considering Routt County is bound by deep snow 8 months out of the year.

CCCD students created two design options for building a fitness center onto the existing building. Design options considered advantages, such as improved use of underutilized space and passive solar for heating, as well as disadvantages, such as creating dangerous entry conditions during winter months and taking away parking space. The South Route School District is currently seeking funds for the design option they selected.

Crossroads Park

Date: 3/1/2012
Principal Researchers:
  • Project Team: Patrick Healy, Heather Pogue
  • Local Participants:North Fork Pool, Recreation & Recreation Department
Location: Delta County, CO

The North Fork Pool, Park & Recreation District in Delta County includes the towns of Hotchkiss, Paonia, and Crawford and serves a district with nearly 10,000 residents. CCCD students provided design work that built upon the successful outdoor swimming pool by improving traffic flow and adding a hiking trail for residents, among other improvements. Nationally, exercise walking and hiking are among the top activity trends.

Kyffin Elementary

Date: 11/1/2013
Principal Researchers:
  • Project Team: Dan Wheeler, Byungsun Yang, Benjamin Wurzer
  • Local Participants:Tina Hageman, Grant Coordinator, Michele DeAndrea-Austin, Principal, local PTA committee members
Location: Lakewood, Jefferson County, CO

Kyffin Elementary was opened in 1972 and is part of the Jefferson County School District R-1, serving students from Kindergarten through 6th grade. The school has received the John Irwin School of Excellence Award for ten years running and has a high level of parent involvement. The schoolyard contained a mixture of play equipment of varying ages and pea gravel created a slipping hazard when it traveled across walkways. There was also little opportunity for afterschool use of the schoolyard, which is located in a suburban neighborhood.

An active PTA and motivated school staff gathered input from community members and students on what improvements they wanted to see in their schoolyard. CCCD students developed a preliminary schoolyard master plan that includes a challenge course, climbing wall, swings, shade structures and a grass field for sports activities. In partnership with the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation, Kyffin Elementary has submitted a grant application to GOCO for funding this project, with a successful local fund raising activity to support implementation.

Fairplay Recreation Park Master Plan

Date: 3/1/2012
Principal Researchers:
  • Project Team: Chris Schooler, CCCD staff, Anthony Pozzuoli, Emily Josephs, CCCD students
  • Local Participants:Tina Darrah, Kim Whittbrodt, and Charlie Schultz, Town of Fairplay

This community project was a collaboration between the Town of Fairplay, South Park Recreation District and the Fairplay School District to develop a preliminary plan for a multi-purpose park that would serve the schools and surrounding communities. CCCD students, in partnership with the local residents, developed a preliminary plan that included a neighborhood fitness park, high school regulation baseball fields, little league fields, recreation practice fields, a walking path and exercise stations. The preliminary design plans are part of an application to Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO).

South Park Recreation Center Expansion

Date: 6/1/2016
Principal Researchers:


Location: Fairplay, CO

As demand has grown the South Park Rec District has added exercise equipment to the contained space of their existing facility. But the point of congestion has been reached and they wanted ideas for what an expanded facility could look like. Several constraints exist on the site but the committee requested ideas that could include an expanded community room (ball court), kitchen, exercise/weight rooms, and administrative room space.

Designs have been coordinated back and forth with the committee and a final design has identified an expansion of the facility that can reflect the existing distinctive architecture, utilize the existing entry and provide the desired functions. Final design concepts were shared with the committee for their next step in project development and hiring an architect to make it become real.

Project Team: Nikhila Ramineedi, Carrie Cordova, Heather Murphy, Mike Tupa (Project Coordinator)
Local Participants: South Park Recreation District Steering Committee
DOLA Regional Manager: Greg Winkler

Haxtun Health-Wellness Center

Date: 6/1/2016
Principal Researchers:


Location: Haxtun, CO

Design was to consider the removal of an older facility that is not serving the community and replace it with an upgraded pool, locker rooms, indoor ball court, exercise rooms, and community facilities that promote better health. After site inspection ideas were developed for a 4 lane pool and separate child pool area, expanded locker rooms, check in desk and entry seating area, and an expanded ball court that can be used for a variety of purposes. A 2nd story track was also shown to provide indoor exercise potential during the winter months.

Designs were submitted for town review. Designs helped the town to understand what was possible on the given site and what the budget for such a facility might cost.

Project Team: Diana Souders (Carrie Cordova), Mike Tupa (Project Coordinator)
Local Participants: Town Manager and Recreation Facility Staff
DOLA Regional Manager: Greg Etl

Carbon Valley Recreation District Study

Date: 6/1/2016 - 11/1/2016
Principal Researchers:


Location: Frederick, CO

This study falls into two tasks. First is an analysis of the whole district to determine the best location for a larger regional recreation facility. The GIS study has located several desirable sites and one site was selected to consider the design of what a regional facility can look like. At the time of this report the design process has just begun but a most desirable location for the regional facility was identified and is in review by the District.

Project Team: Stacy Ester, Meenon Kastoori, Carrie Cordova, Diana Souders, Mike Tupa (Project Coordinator)
Local Participants: Carbon Valley District Director and staff
DOLA Regional Manager: Don Sandoval

Limon Day Care Facility Design

Date: 6/1/2016
Principal Researchers:


Location: Limon, CO

As the town grows so does the demand for expanded day care facilities. The design was to consider expanding the current facility around their large indoor play building, connect the buildings and add toddler space, offices, and treatment and counseling rooms. After a detailed site visit designs were developed and through 3 review periods the client decided on one layout that satisfied their needs. Designs were developed to enhance sunlight exposure and provide safe easy access to the site play areas.

Project Team: Diana Souders, Sara Morse, Mike Tupa (Project Coordinator)
Local Participants:The Town Manager and the Day Care facility administration
DOLA Regional Manager: Greg Etl

Town of Alma, Colorado Wayfinding Signage

Date: 6/21/2008 - 9/20/2008
Principal Researchers:

Location: De Beque, Mesa County, Colorado

Alma is known for its mining, its location at the base of multiple 14ers, and its status as the highest incorporated town in the United States. The logo for the sign panel was designed to keep these town characteristics at the forefront. The design is a simple landscape, yet the abstracted nature and mountain backdrop capture the essence of Alma and its unique place within Colorado.

In addition to the proposed sign logo, the sign design, materiality, and construction reference Alma’s historical & modern precedents. Suggested materials include: painted steel, coursed ashlar veneer, bluestone and steel hardware. The heavy base of the structure grounds the sign and provides stability while the lighter metal work provides clean lines and text, creating an interesting contrast.

Project Team:
 Judith Bergquist, CCCD staff, Michael McQuillan, CCCD student
Local Participants: Town of Alma, CO

De Beque Fire Station

Date: 6/21/2009 - 9/20/2009
Principal Researchers:
  • Project Team: Richard Sales, CCCD staff, Julia Valiulina, CCCD student
  • Local Participants:Town of De Beque, CO
Location: De Beque, Mesa County, Colorado

Rural communities often need architectural design assistance when planning a new community facility such as a fire station. De Beque, Colorado had outgrown their building for their volunteer fire department and were in need of additional space that was also affordable. CCCD students developed several design options that could be modified based upon available budget.

Arvada Pattern Book

Date: 4/1/2011 - 5/1/2011
Principal Researchers:
  • Project Team: Steven Cole, Matt Joiner, Matt Rennert
  • Local Participants: Historic Denver Inc., City of Arvada, Arvada Historical Society
Location: Arvada, Colorado

Through a LiveWell grant, CCCD updated the 2002 Bent County & City of Las Animas Comprehensive Plan. Thus, the new plan has a health perspective throughout. The end goal was to provide a clear and well-organized comprehensive plan that Bent County will use to implement policies and projects. CCCD executed and analyzed a community survey and held a series of community meetings and focus groups. Text and data from the 2002 plan was updated, adding new information, gathering images, and formatting the document.

Bent County and City of Las Animas Comprehensive Plan Update

Date: 4/1/2011 - 5/1/2011
Principal Researchers:
  • Project Team: Cate Townley, CCCD staff, Jessica Osborne, Tammy Pryor, Amy Breunissen, CCCD students
  • Local Participants: City of Las Animas, CO, Benty County, CO, LiveWell Bent County, Meeting of the Minds Committee
Location: City of Las Animas, Bent County, Colorado

Through a LiveWell grant, CCCD updated the 2002 Bent County & City of Las Animas Comprehensive Plan. Thus, the new plan has a health perspective throughout. The end goal was to provide a clear and well-organized comprehensive plan that Bent County will use to implement policies and projects. CCCD executed and analyzed a community survey and held a series of community meetings and focus groups. Text and data from the 2002 plan was updated, adding new information, gathering images, and formatting the document.

Nederland Community Storybook

Date: 4/1/2011 - 5/1/2011
Principal Researchers:
  • Project Team: Vickie Berkley, Darcy Varney
  • Local Participants: Town of Nederland
Location: Nederland, Colorado

Design services were requested to look at alternative uses for the Parker Art Center’s building. An old school gymnasium is attached to the historic Parker School and it is hoped to convert this gym into an artist studio, gallery or perhaps a restaurant/brew pub with artist gallery. The Parker Arts Center steering committee helped direct the design ideas and two layouts for the space were finalized in a report for their use. Other design services provided include a lay-out a Main Street frontage courtyard that would directly access the remodeled gym.

The steering committee loved the illustrations and appreciated the service provided to help them visualize how to use available space. The final report was to be used to gather local contributions and apply for grants. They are now requesting additional illustrations for the interior treatment of the historic Parker Schoolhouse to improve the entry and restore the historic character of the building.

Columbine Park Master Plan

Date: 7/1/2015 - 3/1/2016
Principal Researchers:


Location: Rangely, CO


Project Team: Daniel Navarro-Gomez (MLA), Josh Spinner (MLA), Keath Flint (MLA), Tom Maderick (MArch), Chris Endreson (Project Coordinator)

Local Participants: Katelin Cook, RBC Economic Development Coordinator, Rio Blanco County Commissioners, Columbine Park Board, Town of Rangely, Colorado Northwestern Community College

DOLA Regional Manager: Elyse Ackerman