Sharon Smolinski







I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Colorado Denver School of Public Affairs, and I have an extensive background in bioenergy research. My studies in the PhD program provide a strong foundation in public policy and management theory and the qualitative and quantitative skills to design and execute research addressing diverse questions. My dissertation research investigates how learning occurs around energy governance issues, specifically the mechanisms that enable changes in understanding and contribute to decision making in the context of the consideration and evaluation of proposed renewable energy projects in the U.S. The goals of this research are to contribute towards the further development of a collective learning framework, more broadly to the field of environmental governance, and provide guidance for practitioners.

My experience from both my dissertation research and as a research assistant has contributed to my knowledge of state and local processes around energy development, related policies and resource issues, and the tools and strategies that can support informed decision-making around energy projects. My experience in basic and applied bioenergy research has developed the creative and analytical skills necessary to identify and investigate novel questions, the ability to communicate complex scientific ideas, and an extensive understanding of diverse clean energy technologies. I received a Master of Science in Environmental Science, and previously a Bachelor of Science, at the University of Colorado Denver.

My career aspirations are to contribute to informed energy development, such as by contributing to research and analysis around renewable deployment, assessing tradeoffs between and integration across different resource systems, and assisting transitions to clean energy in various jurisdictions.