Staff directory

Anthony Guntren

  • Visual Arts (CAM)

As a local Colorado artist, my goal is to continue the pursuit of artistic discovery while creating meaningful sculpture that interacts with the transmission of human energy as people go about their daily lives. I have dedicated the last 15 years to both art as well as teaching, and I fiercely pursue the various processes and material explorations involved with producing contemporary sculpture. I proudly boast the placement of works in public art programs throughout the US, including numerous permanent AIPP Colorado dedications.

Art emerges from interplay between artistic process, creative meditation, and human interaction. Works feature open spaces that evoke contemplation on unseen forces, radiating energy of the natural world that churns around a sculpture and its surrounding space. Sculpture calls attention to the movement of the viewer and the stillness of the object. Recent works promote geometric forms that confront ideas of the “digital aesthetic” that currently move through our modern age. Artworks often feature abstract forms that offer open spaces to capture and slow down the hustle and bustle of our private minds and physical bodies. There is a secret life between things. By taking a moment to stop and look, time can briefly slow down creating a moment in which consciousness connects with the construct.

Education, Licensure & Certifications

Colorado State University
MFA; Sculpture